The style you’ve always dreamed of, the confidence in knowing you look sensational, the ultimate statement of glamour and sophistication. Welcome to Hair Extensions By Nikita. I only use the finest 100% human hair, that is either Russian, Brazilian or Indian sourced.
  •     They are virtually undetectable by sight or touch
  •     They are comfortable to wear, style and sleep on
  •     They are long lasting
  •     They can be styled, curled or coloured to create the perfect look for any occasion
  •     They look and feel as natural as your own hair
  •     They can be removed with no damage to your own hair
The methods I use are pre bonded, micro rings & nano rings, which are the most popular methods. The hair will last 3-12 months (depending on which method you go for) if maintained correctly and come in a large range of different colours including highlighted, ombre and vivid colours.  They can also be coloured to match perfectly. (at an extra cost)  

The hair is available in 16in-24in and is tipped with a high quality keratin bond, which is gentle on your hair and is also quick to apply and remove.  Extensions can be used to add volume, colour or instant highlights as well as length to your hair, and they can be styled as you would your own hair.  The extensions can also be coloured to match your hair, and I can cut them so they will blend perfectly with your own hair if needed. Each bond has up to 1g of hair in it, this makes it super thick and luxurious right to the tip.

I offer a complimentary consultation before applying the extensions, to ensure you feel completely confident in having the extensions applied and we can discuss how to get the most out of them.  I will go through any questions and specific requirements you may have as well as carrying out the colour matching.  After application I will provide you with aftercare information which will explain how to look after your extensions, and keep them looking fabulous for the maximum amount of time. 

There are three types of hair I offer, all dependant on your budget.  Starting with Indian hair which will last you 4-8 months depending on the method and is the cheapest hair I offer. The top of the range hair I use is the Brazilian & Russian, which will last up to 12 months.  The Brazilian hair is naturally thick, extremely high quality & suited to thicker hair types.  The Russian hair is the same quality as the Brazilian but is more suited to finer hair types. 

A non refundable deposit of £100 for half head and £200 for full head will be required on the day of booking to secure your appointment.   

                                   Indian        Brazilian  & Russian            
Full Head from         £280            £400
Half Head from        £190            £250        
(+£20 for nano tips)

Maintenance/re fit from £80 (half head) £120 (full head)           
Removal from £70 (half head) £100 (half head)

Removal + Re application  (a break in between removal and re application is advised but not always necessary)
                                  Indian       Brazilian & Russian               
Full Head from        £320          £450
Half Head from       £240          £300           
(+£20 for nano tips)

All Prices subject to consultation.                     
A full head of 1g hair is usually around 150 bonds, if your hair is particularly thick you  may need more, this will incur an extra charge of £50 per pack (25 strands).

If you have your own hair you would like me to apply for you then please contact me for a quote.

Extension Photos...
More photos can be found on my facebook and instagram page :  @hairbynikita